The Kaufmann House Palm Springs Ideas

Jan 10th

The Kaufmann house Palm Springs is suitable for individuals who love bold shapes, open floor plans, natural materials such as stone or cedar and elegant lines. The key is to determine the desired modern style – search magazines and real estate books, search the web for ideas and establish a budget. As you analyze a lot of modern homes to get ideas, write down your own personal list of ideas for your modern home. Finally, the costs determine.

Slim Kaufmann House
Slim Kaufmann House


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Understand Blueprints

Prepare a plan and draw the Kaufmann house palm springs to the size of your modern home. A quarter-inch scale means that every 1/4 inch drawn represents one foot of real length.  Place the scale on the drawing – 1/4 inch – next to the title of the drawing, or during the final drawing. Include four height drawings of the front, rear and each side of the modern home in plan. The elevation drawings represent architectural styling with details of exterior finish, ridge height and roof slopes.

Document the Kaufmann house palm springs basement. Include information about the location of the foundation, concrete reinforcements and load-bearing walls. These features will support the wall and ceiling of your home. Draw framing plans – the basic skeleton structure desired home. This drawing will include floor rule places, roof trusses and the location of walls. Call a local electrician and a heating subcontractor. The electrician can design an electrical schedule for your home, and a heating subcontractor can provide a channel and register layout before construction.