Menards Concrete Stain For Outdoor

Feb 12th

If you are looking for ways to add a little pizazz to your backyard area, consider the area you are walking on. Many people assume that Menards concrete stain patios can only be gray and Spartan in appearance. Concrete dyes come in a variety of colors, and can be applied to the patio to create a whole new look. This project is quite easy to complete yourself.

Unusual Concrete Stain Colors
Unusual Concrete Stain Colors


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Thoroughly clean the entire patio. Coat the patio with two parts of a non-residue outdoor detergent mixed with a portion of the water. Scrub the Menard concrete with a stiff brush to remove all dirt, debris and stains. Cover your feet with thick boots. Put on safety goggles and thick gloves. Place a paper mask or respirator over the nose and mouth. Mix one part of hydrochloric acid and four parts of plain water in a plastic watering can. Rinse the patio with a garden hose to remove any residual cleaning agents. Make sure the concrete is consistently moist.

Carefully sprinkle the acid mixture on the patio using the watering can. Look at the surface of the patio to ensure that the acid begins to bubble when touching the concrete. Allow the acid mixture to stand for 20 to 30 minutes. Rinse the patio well with the garden hose again. Use an old broom or coarse mop to remove all acid from the surface of the concrete. Load the roll of a long shaft roller with a stain. Apply the stain to the patio in long, straight lines. Work from the inside of the patio to the outside. Allow the stain to dry for 24 hours.

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