How to Build Zombie Proof House Plans

Jan 13th

Zombie Proof House Plans – The year 2017. A leak in the laboratory of an ambitious pharmaceutical company causes the spread of a terrible virus that leaves people in a limbo between the world of the living and the dead, strips them of all humanity and gives an insatiable need to feed on human brains. A bite, a contagion, and needless to say that the infected have a LOT of hunger. How to protect yourself from this threat? We have it clear: learn this guide well on how to prepare your house for a zombie apocalypse and NOT-OUT-OF-IT.

Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Apocalypse

When a man from Poland set out to build ” the safest house in the world ” outside of Warsaw, believe us, there were many who called him paranoid and laughed in his own face. Let’s see, the idea of a fortress with mobile walls, a drawbridge, an armored water tank, and a bombproof structure might seem a little exaggerated at first, is not it …? Do you hear that? The nervous laugh of this good man is the only thing able to pierce the impenetrable walls of his anti-zombie mansion.

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Ok, maybe the fortress is not available to everyone, but it would be a good idea to build a wall or surround your house with a fence. An electrified fence can also be an acceptable solution, after all, the undead does not stand out for their ability as climbers. More: living in a seventh will always be safer than doing it on a ground floor. Of course, do not forget to seal the windows or get an armored door (or weigh a lot).