Great 8 x10 Storage Shed Design

Jan 9th

8 x 10 storage shed – It’s amazing how good planning can produce an excellent living space in such a small space. By counting each square foot, you can create a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and closet in a storage shed. The secret is using wall space effectively and planning every detail. Because the house is small, creating a beautiful space is affordable. The use of recycled materials can add to your savings. A small house call usually works best for someone living alone, but a small house is also an option as a vacation getaway.

Best Small Storage Shed
Best Small Storage Shed

Measure the 8 x 10 storage shed to determine the square footage. Do a lot of drawings to establish a good design. Add a small porch, window boxes and landscaping, for example. Plan an interior that is completely open except for the bathroom. Clean the shed inside and out before starting any type of upgrade.

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Repair the roof and foundations. Fix cracks or leaks. Add new plywood and roofing tiles, if necessary. Check the soil thoroughly to make sure that the foundation has no problems with moisture or loose soil. Insulate and frame the walls. Run the plumbing and electricity, as needed. Replace windows without a single panel grid with double glazed windows with screens. Build a small bathroom. Install drywall. Paint the walls and cut out with semi gloss paint.

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