Glass House New Canaan Ideas

Jan 7th

Creating glass house New Canaan dates back to the 19th century, when they were considered a hobby for the elite and the rich. Fortunately, it is no longer the case. Anyone can create a miniature glass house. There are three traditional or standard, miniature house styles: Warden, terrarium and vivarium. However, you can “freestyle” and create your own version of a miniature glass house for a small greenhouse sitting on a tabletop.

System Glass House Edgewater
System Glass House Edgewater


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Step back in time and create a Warden case. Warden cases are fancy miniature glass greenhouses, reminiscent of the Edwardian era. Warden cases are considered precursors to today’s modern terrariums. Look for a finished Warden Case and table stand at nurseries and craft shops. Be creative. Items may not be specifically labeled or labeled as a Warden table, so be prepared to look at items with an eye for opportunities, and ask the store staff for help. Get a cut of wood or slab of marble to serve as a base to set up at the top of the table.

Explore creating a terrarium. Like Wardens, you can find many ready-made terrariums for sale in stores, including pet stores. A terrarium is a more modern look, as opposed to Warden. A terrarium can be smaller, ornate and used for temporary settings, such as on a table top. Think of the third classic glass house New Canaan: a vivarium. From the artistic point of view, vivarium hobby strives to replicate a natural habitat in miniature format and rising – similar to what bonsai artists and amateurs strive to achieve with miniature trees. Create a vivarium using a glass dome for the structure. Choose a metal or plastic base with drainage.

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