Find Out Heated Floor on Concrete Slab

Feb 13th

Heated floor on concrete slab – The challenge with a slab with a concrete screed is to place a floor heating without breaking anything but limiting the height used by the heated floor. The floor heating is a building heating system of floor to very low temperatures. The hot water central heating is renowned for its reliability , efficiency and comfort brought, even if its installation is a little more expensive than radiators, it is the best equipment and the healthiest .

Radiant Heating Floor
Radiant Heating Floor

Should we put a heated floor in new homes? Be careful however: there are heated floors to proscribe because they cumulate the disadvantages. The important advantage of a floor heating at low temperature is to diffuse a soft heat, homogeneous, distributed in all the heated rooms whose temperature is regular, because there is no existence of trains of heat (increase of the temperature then consecutive decrease causing a physiological and psychological discomfort).

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The low temperature heating floor advantageously replaces the convection by ensuring an excellent diffusion of the calories by conduction and radiation. This heat emitter system provides greater thermal comfort than other types of heating because the temperature is uniformly distributed in the room horizontally and vertically.

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