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Feb 14th

20×20 concrete slab is not only used outdoors to finish the terrace. This material also works well for the driveway. It is particularly robust and can easily withstand heavy weights such as cars. Here you can find more information about the advantages and disadvantages, finishing and prices of driveways in polished concrete. A polished concrete driveway can be placed very quickly. This means a lot less working hours are needed, in contrast to alternatives such as concrete paving, tiles or cobblestones.

Project Concrete Slab
Project Concrete Slab

Also the material cost is in most cases a lot lower. A lot of people are afraid that their driveway in polished concrete will be slippery in rainy weather. However, a smooth floor is mainly caused by moss. The rougher the subfloor is, the faster the moss can occur. Since a concrete driveway is smoothly finished, moss will attach much less quickly to the substrate. That way there is less chance of slipperiness.

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The chosen grain and method of polishing will also have an influence on the smoothness. For outdoor applications, a normal grain thickness is usually taken, as is the case for indoor applications. A smooth concrete floor is made with fine grains and is also known as mirror concrete. However, this is not recommended for the construction of a driveway or terrace. It is also important to stop polishing in time to prevent the ramp from becoming too slippery.