Concrete Drainage Pipe Is Better By Its Characteristics

Feb 13th

The durability of concrete drainage pipe is has proven to be the most resistant and durable material in the use of drains. Since being a prefabricated structure, depends on itself for its operation and not other materials or external supports that directly influence its performance. How about the cost – benefit? It is one of the most profitable products in the construction industry due to its low cost (both the product and the installation) and its long useful life.

Concrete of Drainage Ditch
Concrete of Drainage Ditch

Concrete drainage pipe is one of the best investments in terms of urban and rural infrastructure. The resistance of concrete drain channel; It is a conduit and structure at the same time, contrary to the flexible pipes that are only conduit. The concrete pipe provides 89 to 95% of the support structure. While the concrete tube is heavier, it is because it is much stronger and more resistant.

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For the concrete of drainage ditch installation; Because of its prefabricated structure, the only thing it needs in most cases is a ridge in the lower part of the pipe. And in the filling the same material that was extracted to make the trench can almost always be occupied. Which does not happen in flexible pipes (which require different installation with material with special granulometry compacted to the maximum).

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