All about the Glass House Philip Johnson Plan

Jan 7th

Glass House Philip Johnson Plan – Designed to be almost invisible, ‘The Glass House’ is a magical place in the middle of a forest. Almost hidden by the trees and the transparency of its structure, the most famous glass house is behind a stone wall, on the property of Philip Johnson in Connecticut. Overlooking a pond, original and beautiful, the house became the whim of its designer: “I have very expensive wallpaper,” joked Johnson once.

Philip Johnson Architect
Philip Johnson Architect

The plan of the Crystal House reveals a quite traditional living space. Although there are no walls, Philip Johnson referred to the areas within the rectangular space as “rooms”. There is a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, and living room with fireplace, bathroom, and an entrance. The outer sides of the Glass House are made of steel painted with carbon and glass. Despite the modern style of the house, the design could easily be a colonial home, something Johnson adored.

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The glass house was an outstanding and substantial project for Johnson and for contemporary architecture. The building is an essay of minimal structure, geometry, proportion and the effects of transparency and reflection. And in 1997 it was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1997. It is now open to the public for guided tours, which begin at a visitor center at 199 Elm Street in New Canaan, Connecticut.